Scope of Hydroponic farming

Importance of greenhouse farming & hydroponic cultivation methods

The impact of climate change completely threatens to the whole food security system. It is negatively affecting traditional agriculture in these days. It declines in yields and crop suitability are projected under higher temperatures, especially in tropical and semi-tropical regions. The IPCC Report estimates that it is currently sea water level is rising very high, causes the stability in land, because of this, traditional agriculture is facing lot of difficulties now days.

Upcoming possible challenges in Agriculture.

Kerala is located at the coastal region of India. The US Space agency NASA states with a new online visualization tool that on future sea level rise in coastal cities shows that Kochi will have a sea level raise of 0.15 Meter by 2040 from current (1995-2014) baseline level. Reports on climate change estimates sea water level is rising very high, which will increase the salinity in soil, and will affect agriculture and also it's a huge life threat for people living in coastal areas. See article here

IPCC Report on effect of climate change

According to IPCC reports on effects of climate change on food security system, climate change is projected to negatively impact the four pillars of food security,

  • Availability (Impact on food production)
  • Access (Impact on food prices)
  • Utilization (Nutritional quality)
  • Stability (Impact of increasing extreme events)

See article here

Unseasonal rains have lashed mango-producing areas in Mysore since October.

The CNBC reports on climate change shows the farmers in Mysore have noticed inconsistencies in the Mango flower initiation process with late arrival of flowering occurs the delaying harvest. See article here

What is the solution?

For farmers who are into commercial farming majorly vegetables can adapt to greenhouse farming & hydroponic cultivation methods to skip soil and grow crops in less space saving water, controlling temperature, pest invasion hence producing better yield all around the year.

The loss of fertile soil makes the land less productive in normal farming method and it’s impossible to create barren lands fertile and save the crops from heat stroke, humidity and changing climate variation

Advantages of Hydroponic farming

  • Hydroponically grown vegetables will have a higher yield than conventional farming.
  • Can produce yields throughout the year.
  • Can avoid the labour charge and water usage.
  • In all weather conditions, Plants looks stronger and healthy.
  • Can produce more fresh produce in less space so we have a good solution for depletion in soil.

Also we can directly provide the required nutrition to the plants and have control on the plant growth so that we can get healthy and fresh vegetables.

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