There’s a farm for every space


There Is a Farm For Every Space

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PlantMe - Building hydroponic vegetable garden for the future

In line with the state government’s objective to provide healthy and toxic-free food to the public, PlantMe Agro Solutions, have been helping individuals, cafes, resorts, and commercial farmers with a promise of high-quality organic food produce in commercial agriculture. They would be guided and supported at every step by the consultants at PlantMe to find the right solutions for their needs.

Despite nutrient-rich soil, the heat, unpredictable rainfalls and recurrent floods have caused extensive damage to the crop yields over the past few years. As a result, the state has been unable to produce enough agricultural products to meet its own needs. Hydroponic Vertical farms can grow nutritious and fresh produce in locations where traditional agricultural methods are impossible. Also, there’s no exposure to the hazards of traditional farming, such as bugs, diseases, pesticides and weather. We can help you grow lettuce, kale, mint, tomatoes, capsicum, strawberries etc using advanced techniques throughout the year in limited space, hence giving you better return on investment.

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Farming Consultant & Partner in Middle East

Growing Cashcrops with Hydroponics

PlantMe join hands with Farm Tech Consultancy to gain more expertise in the field of agriculture in Middle East by working as a team by providing high quality products and create sustainable hydroponic farms to bring pesticide free vegetables to consumers and fight water crisis to save global warming.

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Industrial mass-production methods have contributed to food losing their quality, freshness and taste, that only small-scale sustainable practices can produce. At PlantMe we offer a platter of kitchen gardening solutions, from designing beautiful landscapes to monthly maintenance, seasonal replanting, and support. We also indulge in the recently popular and successful urban farming method using hydroponics.



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Various nutrition indicators in India prove that We do not have food security

Children under the age of five are underweight


Indians suffer from vitamin defeciencies


Women of reproductive age have low iron levels

What a wonderful idea. 90% of heart disease can be prevented by simple lifestyle changes. One of the most important part of this is eating healthy. A diet that includes a significant serving of vegetables has been shown to reduced heart attacks and heart disease related deaths. This is a great step in the right direction, and I congratulate the team at Plantme Agro Solutions for embarking on such a great venture. I wish them all the very best. May we all have our own vegetable garden at our home!

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Anoop Parameswaran
— Mercy Hospital, Springfield, Missouri, USA

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