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Our Story

We all love to have a kitchen garden in our backyard which is easy to maintain .It is important to have pesticide-free vegetables as India is a consumption market. We are unable to track the source of vegetables in supermarkets and India does not have a food security system in place. Agriculture is a clustered market. COVID outbreak taught us it’s important to grow our food. Nutritious foods rich in vitamins and minerals support the optimal function of the immune system. We found farming in the soil very difficult as it was hard to find good fertile soil in city’s, pest issues killed the majority of cultivation, seeds we get locally never gave good results, plants don’t grow in our control as we are unable to measure nutrients in the soil, it sustains weeds and requires labor, the soil becomes exhausted, or acid, or alkaline. These major setbacks in traditional agriculture made us innovate alternative solutions and we figured out soilless farming (Hydroponics) , the solution for our problem.

We are unique

The hydroponic solutions at PlantMe Agro Solutions Private Limited were developed with the help of technology and rigorous research, to allow the average urban farmer to optimise their yield. The founding team includes highly experienced entrepreneurs with a proven track record in Agricultural Biotechnology, Information technology, and Manufacturing sector. Our soilless farming solutions help you to conserve water, produce a higher yield in minimum space, control pest and weed issues, and provide high-quality food with minimum effort. Our hydroponic indoor kits are stunning and eye catcher and bring positive energy for urban farmers.


PlantMe envisions itself to be a leader in Urban farming using advanced techniques to lead the Organic farming business.


PlantMe’s Urban farms believe in the primary responsibility to produce healthy, organic food and are committed to making a strong contribution by giving back to the community.

Why PlantMe?

The majority of companies do training courses online which do not help growers even learn the basics as a quality product, seeds and right nutrients with proper customer support can only give good results. People are encouraged to grow in PVC pipes without giving awareness on hydroponics as this will generate lead and plants grown in PVC are not advisable to consume.

Our commercial farms with climate control systems can help you produce high quality grade one vegetables . Our growers and consulting team can help you produce cash crops in limited space.

PlantMe hydroponic DIY kits are made of powder-coated GI pipes and cultivation is done in high-end food-grade pipes as per standards. PlantMe offers its farmers state-of-the-art gardening solutions, quality-checked seeds, and semi-grown plants which are sturdy, resilient, and low-maintenance. Our solutions have proven to produce massive plants that would harvest within 25-30 days with just water and nutrients. Our expert growers are 24*7 live to assist you and we also deliver products across India ensuring the best customer experience

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