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What are the Crops Suitable for Hydroponics in India?

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Hydroponics farming is becoming more popular day by day. The demand for fresh, healthy, and chemical-free crops has shifted people's perspectives from a hobby to a business, particularly people living in urban areas. This farming setup can be built in a small space, such as your room or a terrace, or you can grow your crops hydroponically on a large plot of land. Moreover, hydroponics farming is a profitable business too, and you must choose your crops in a very careful manner because some crops will give excellent output but some will not. Analyze the crop's varieties and based on that you must make a decision like which crop you want to grow.

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Have you ever thought of suitable crops that you can grow hydroponically? This will not only keeps you healthy, but it also provides you with a secondary source of income. Here are some of the suitable crops that you can grow hydroponically in India

Cucumbers are the powerhouse of calcium, zinc, magnesium, iron, and many other nutrients. Cucumber has the ability to control aging and cleanses our body so cucumber is a great option to grow hydroponically and it grows well in our climate. They have a good yield and cucumbers are consumed in India mainlythrough salads. Moreover, when it comes to cucumbers you’ll end up with variety of options such as seedless cucumbers, thick American slices and more.

Your hydroponics garden can be more productive and low maintenance if you choose your crops wisely. When growing beans at home you’ll end up with two benefits, one is a source of income and other is you can include this in your meals. You can pick from string, green, pole, lima beans in terms of types. So beans are one of the best options to grow hydroponically. After harvesting your crops, you can continue growing it for another 3 to 4 months.

Spinach can be grown at a very fast pace in hydroponics condition. It’s a healthy vegetable that has antioxidant properties and you can include in your salads and meals as well. Are you planning to grow spinach hydroponically? Don’t forget to call us to get the best guidance and products.

Spring Onions
Spring onions can be grown hydroponically in an easy manner. In every three or four weeks you can harvest three or four onions in one pot. Spring onions have many health benefits and it prevent damage to DNA and cellular tissue. Spring onions are the powerhouse of vitamins such as C, K, B, A and a great source of calcium.

If you are a beginner in hydroponics farming, then start with cilantros because it’s safe and steady. The coriander leaves are used in multiple ways in Indian dishes i.e, in the form of green chutneys, or as a garnished, is widely using in many dishes. Hydroponically grown coriander is easy to understand because of it’s taste and freshness. This is tastier when compared to the crop that gas grown traditionally. You can sell this plant easily because it’s trending now

Green leafs have many health benefits, and everyone is really conscious about their health these days so the consumption of green salads has increased. One of the popular exotic vegetables that improve the flavour of any salad is lettuce. Consumption of lettuce is rising. A variety of lettuces, including iceberg, butter head, romaine, etc., grow well in hydroponics.

Some of the other crops that can grow hydroponically are turmeric, okra, bok choy, radish, kale, zucchini, celery, bell peppers, and many more. Hydroponics has opened a new door to a healthy life moreover a source of income. Growing crops without soil and less water is a great advantage.

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