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Hydroponics - NFT Technique

In the domain of soilless culture, the nutrient film technique system (or NFT system) is also fairly popular with hydroponic growers due to its simple yet effective design. The nutrient film technique is often used to grow smaller and quick growing plants like lettuce and strawberries. The NFT system uses a pump to deliver water to the grow tray and a drained pipe to recycle the unused water nutrient solution.

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Hydroponics - Dutch Bucket System

Dutch Bucket or Bato Bucket systems, as the name sounds, use the buckets as the core of this growing method. The system can have just one bucket or scale to any size growers want. That's the joy of an easy yet still versatile Hydroponic method.In this system the nutrients are poured into the bucket (that replaces the tray) that then automatically drains back to the reservoir (or it can drain out of the system without returning to the reservoir) at regular intervals.

Dutch buckets are an easy approachable way to begin hydroponics. Because of the way it is built, you can grow a variety of plants with the Dutch Bucket. It also allows growers to grow large, vining, fruiting crops or any plant that require a high amount of nutrients, such as cucumbers, peppers, potatoes, squash, tomatoes and pole beans.

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