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Polyhouse Terrace Gardens

Why mess around in mud when you can get growing with hydroponics ?

Growing vegetables hydroponically is more economical than traditional methods for better and more consistent results. We all want to boost harvests without increasing our growing space to get best results. Say goodbye to dirt and hello to hydroponics.

For the production of fruits and vegetables on your terrace or backyard, availability of suitable temperature and relative humidity is a must. These conditions are created in a polyhouse particularly for the production of offseason produce in sufficient quantity. Made from transparent, tight, affordable, and flexible polythene, a polyhouse terrace garden conserves thermal radiation and provides sufficient energy for photosynthesis.

In Kerala, polyhouse kitchen or terrace gardens can be an exceptional replacement for aluminium sheets and tin roofs during the summer. Plants are the best material to shade a roof. Unlike a tin roof, the plants do not get heated. They absorb heat and light. Place potted plants on the roof, shelter the roof and enjoy the vegetables they yield. It doesn’t matter how big or small your space is, with the help of our design experts and gardening solutions we can create for you the most efficient and aesthetic kitchen garden. which is much superior to anything else available in the market. Our mission is to encourage sustainable and healthy production of fresh nutritious vegetables. We offer the products and expertise to grow vegetables within an urban setting. It enables you to grow and use poison free food. It’s easy. It’s healthy.

Polyhouse is a man-made greenhouse structure made with translucent material like glass or polyethylene sheets covering where the plants can grow and develop under controlled climatic conditions all year long.

The size of these polyhouses can differ from small structures as small as 100sqft space for home use to a large polyhouse structure extending through 40,000sqfts for high yield commercial farms.

Our polyhouses are portable industry standard single ventilated structures made with rust free GI pipes, Multi layered greenhouse film specifically chosen depending on your climatic condition. Our polyhouse is equipped with natural ventilation accelerating techniques to give you the most out of your polyhouse investment.


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