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Is commercial hydroponic farming profitable in India?

Hydroponic technology in farming helps us to grow and harvest different varieties of leafy and fruity vegetables without the limitations of environmental conditions and many other challenges that exist in the traditional farming. This technology let us grow any type of crops in climate controlled environment in any location. It is possible to grow the crop outdoor with natural sunlight or indoors with growlights. Farming through hydroponics uses less water and space compared to the traditional farming method. With these factors it proves to be a profitable farmimg method . It marks the beginning of a new era of farming with technology.

The important factors for commercial hydroponic farming are:
Farming, Food and You
Adequate Knowledge and expertise in Hydroponics.

Technology driven farming increasing the efficiency and reducing the challenges like crop disease, lack of nutrients, space consumption. There are so many countries like Israel, GCC countries, America who use hydroponic as the main source of generation in vegetable production. If we don't have the sufficient expertise or advisors for this as new thing in the agriculture industry it's going to be a major challenge. So we need to have a consultant for efficiently taking care of the plant growth.

To ensure that the nutrients used for Hydroponic systems are safe, we need to use only the solution which are prepared dedicatedly for hydroponics. Macro and micronutrients within the water are directly fed to the plant, helping it to grow faster, and garnering a far better yield. The nutrient solution plays an important part in the growth of the plants. The nutrient solution contains the nitrogen, potassium, calcium, magnesium, etc. Nutrient solution varies for each variety of plabt. Thus, NPK ratios of the solution is the main factor. Also the water quality matters.

Market demand research.

We can target the customers in B2B market for selling crops for example Super markets, vegetable exports, food and beverage industry etc. A thorough market study and help you find the enormous opportunities where you can build your business. There are also opportunities in the retail market.

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