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Is the organic vegetable sold in markets safe?

Is the organic vegetable sold in markets safe? In a country like India where the quality of produce is not assured organic produce can be ensured only if you know your farmer well or grow your own food.

India is a price-sensitive market. People rush into supermarkets when they see an offer on vegetable sales. We only look at bulk volumes at lower prices compromising on food quality.

The food we eat today can either be the most powerful form of medicine or be laced with poison in the form of pesticides, antibiotics, or additives. The majority of us are health conscious and some are highly calorie-conscious. There is a world beyond calories. The true measure of health is not calories, it’s good nutrition.

Traditional Indian meals are balanced and quite elaborate. We consume a lot of vegetables and fruits. Unfortunately, poor quality food means we don’t get the right nutrients these vegetables promise to give us.

We can’t just blame our farmers. Soil-based farming has low productivity and you need large amounts of land to produce a profitable crop. As most Indian farmers are small-scale farmers their access to land is limited. So to increase profitability they use large amounts of fertilizers and pesticides. Unfortunately, this has reached such a magnitude that fruits and vegetables are not safe to eat anymore.

Plantme can help you solve these problems by educating you on how to grow your own food at home in an effortless and safe way with soilless farming techniques. The technology increases the quality and productivity of vegetables. So we get high-quality products without requiring large amounts of land. A kitchen farm could produce most or all the vegetables you need.

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Don’t just take our word for it. A study conducted by the Pesticide Residue Analytical Laboratory (PRAL) of Kerala Agriculture University (KAU) has identified the use of unapproved pesticides in fruits and vegetables can cause serious health and environmental issues. Out of 729 samples tested by the KAU lab, pesticides residues were found in 128 samples, out of which 90% were not approved.

Samples were collected from the public market, farmers, and even organic shops where people buy at a high price. All samples showed the presence of a huge amount of pesticides.

This clearly indicates that we do not have an effective food quality assessment system in place. New growing technologies in agriculture like hydroponics can help to save water and provide your family with nutrient healthy food. It’s important to have a healthy and high-quality life. Focusing only on a fast urban lifestyle will eventually make you or your family end up in a hospital bed. Your hard-earned money will be wasted on medicines and hospitals.

You are what you eat. Plantme can help you change the way you eat and together we can build a healthier India.

MD & CEO PlantMe Agro Solutions Pvt Ltd

Ashwin Ramachandran

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Is the organic vegetable sold in markets safe?

Is the organic vegetable sold in markets safe? In a country like India ...

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