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Growing your own produce means you get pesticide-free food that tastes fresher, costs less, and reduces your carbon footprint on the planet. Not only these but urban gardening also increases your food security, something that’s become even more crucial in the Covid-19 pandemic.

But in our busy modern lives who has the time or space for gardening? Hydroponics makes it simple. It is the most scientific and calculated method to grow your own nutritious food at home.

As the population grows, does the need to be able to produce enough food to feed everyone. We need to be sure that we are equipping the young generation with the skills and knowledge to make sound and informed decisions. Children are eager to learn and understand at a very early age. We all eat. Helping your children see the connections to farmers producing food that is healthy for us to eat is a great foundation And that’s not all! Imagine a school canteen stocked with vegetables picked fresh by students from a school garden. Plantme is ready to support schools in addressing malnutrition and micro-nutrient deficiencies by setting up easy-to-maintain garden units on school grounds. School eco-clubs can run these units, giving students first-hand experience in gardening and interactive lessons in healthy eating.

Whether we like it or not our world is changing. Climate change, pandemics, and food shortages are real problems that we and our children must face. The UN predicts that world food systems are under threat of a food crisis greater than ever seen before. Plantme introduces sustainable kitchen garden solutions for city dwellers. Together we can pave the way for a brighter future of sustainable urban gardening. Together, we can be the solution.

Farming, Food and You

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