Hydroponics NFT System

Impact of Climate Change on Agriculture will encourage farmers to adopt Hydroponics & greenhouse cultivation methods to reduce risk and increase profitability

The agriculture sector in India is vulnerable to climate change and Living in God's own country, Kerala we are still unable to produce crops required for the state. Higher temperatures tend to reduce crop yields and farming in soil invites pests and weeds which will ultimately make farmers add toxic chemicals to protect their crops. The majority of crops get affected due to rainfall variability and reduction in the number of rainy days. Floods and excess rains over a short period cause extensive damage to crops. Climate change affects the poor most as production decreases the availability of food decreases.

Why should you learn hydroponic farming techniques?

Better use of space and location / No weed, No pest, and zero use of pesticides

Farmers are adapting to new age techniques by growing plants in nutrient-rich solutions, skipping soil.

PlantMe Hydroponic DYI systems can help you grow plants in small apartments, bedrooms, and kitchens as long as you have some space

Plant roots stretch in soil and spread out in search of food and oxygen in the soil. In Hydroponics, roots are immersed in a tank full of oxygenated nutrient solutions and are in direct contact with vital minerals. This will help plants grow faster, with minimum effort and they grow nutritious in very little space giving more reruns compared to traditional agriculture methods.

Farming, Food and You

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