Organic Farming

Soil less farming is the future

A walk through any small town in Kerala will reveal how even the most modest of homes are blessed will reveal how even the most modest of homes are blessed with flowering trees. Residents of such homes can easily get into the act of growing their own food It would be foolhardy to think that every urban or semi-urban household’s food requirements could be met with home agriculture, but getting a decent stock of vegetables, fruits, and herbs that are free of fertilizers and pesticides should be motivation enough for individuals to invest some time and effort in this task.

known as soilless farming, hydroponic is a technique of growing plants without soil and without the limitations of space and climate. The plant roots grow in a liquid nutrient solution or inside moist inert substrates with no soil in this unique farming technique. Hydroponics is usually practiced in a controlled environment for cultivating crops as this system offers some great advantages. The added benefits of controlling and managing pH, CO2, heat, air movement, nutrients supply, water needs, temperature, and lighting scheme, helps to yield nutritious produce. The idea of growing one’s own food is by no means new to Kerala. It’s hard to imagine a single traditional home without a jackfruit and coconut tree. This concept is literally a part of our culture. It’s time the unexploited conditions of this rich and abundant country are used for the benefit of all.

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