Sustainability and Food Security

PlantMe partners with expert consultants in Agriculture sector for sustainability and Food security

After decades of warnings and “green” initiatives, scientists have now announced ‘Climate Code Red’. The last few years have witnessed a drastic shift in the global weather, and Kerala is no different. Pollution, infrequent rainfall, and unpredictable temperatures have led to a decline in soil quality and subsequent crop failure. The latest report by IPCC is a warning that the government of Kerala needs to pay close attention to. As a solution to all these problems, PlantMe a sustainability-driven venture in Farming technology, run by veteran eco-farmers and entrepreneurs has started implementing urban farms for people & businesses using hydroponics through rigorous research understanding the major pain points. PlantMe Agro Solutions Private Limited offers the modern city farmer intuitive support towards building a healthy lifestyle. PlantMe partners with expert consultants in the agriculture field to scale business in India and the Middle East for farmers and businesses to produce the right crops based on the requirements.

Depending on what the farmer is looking to grow in their farm, they can choose from a variety of solutions from farmtech & PlantMe.

This partnership could cater to and help many out there who are looking for the right solutions for the farming needs which include indoor farming, warehouse farming, container farming which is getting popular in the agriculture sector.

PlantMe focus on sharing knowledge with the right audience who can utilize our expertise and build sustainable farms hence reducing operational cost which can be a shift in the agriculture sector and is the need of the hour.

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